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Were the BBC right in broadcasting their Panorama documentary about FIFA corruption on Monday 29th November 2010?



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Date Added: 4/24/2014
Category - Sports
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Clearly nothing - nothing is decided yet. The World Cup is not lost for England. If there is one thing we have learned it is that FIFA is interested money and I am sure the tournament will go to the nation which can make the most money for FIFA. End of. All the BBC have done is investigate a potentially disgraceful situation, if what is alleged i
The Persons involved at BBc that allowed this programme to be broadcasted should all be fired. How they so stupid that they allow this programme to undermine all the work done by thousand of people to get the world cup to England.
I think all the viewers supporting the BBC are living in a cocoon. Why did the BBC choose this day to air the programme??? You are all naive!!! If as some of you say this was good reporting why not wait 24 hours after the Fifa announcement befofe airing the programme. Maybe the BBC should be investigated for "Anti-English" Activities!!!!!
I think the BBC were correct, we cant have public figures like FIFA pocketing money left right and centre. I think we shoudl all be blasting FIFA not the BBC. I think Football as a whole needs to wake up and stop all the money grabbing.
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BBC just wanting the attention and to create controversy like some pathetic late night chat show. We pay for the BBC Who will lead a fight to refuse to pay our licence fees
The BBC is a British institution to be proud of in many ways but not on this issue. Poor, poor, poor.
if one ignores the morality/probity of the members of FIFA who will make the decision it is clear to me that football is fundamentally flawed and I hope that it does not come to the UK.
Whether or not Panorama broadcast or not is irrelevant. England have had few friends in the international football community for years owing not a little to their arrogance and belief that because they 'invented' football they have a divine right to stage the World Cup.
I cannot understand how anyone can say this shouldn't have been broadcast as it could of hurt hurts England's bid. So corruption should be ignored so long as we benefit? In a word MORONIC
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The bbc were correct in broad casting the program but not just before the vote for the world cup.
I am quite happy for them to show the program but to do it days before the vote is shocking (why not show it after the vote?) The BBC should be a subscription service - then at least I wouldn't have to pay for it!
freedom of press yes, timing - awful....i hope Cameron changes the right as to who can show the WC...ITV and Sky for me pls
really stupid idea, i mean what the hell where they thinking?
bunch of wankers
Very unpatriotic and a total own goal. What are they doing? We love football, and this programme could easily have been broadcast, possibly with more power AFTER the vote
Very dissapointed with the BBC. The timing of airing the Panorama programme is absolutely disgraceful. It's a shame the bid won't be judged on it's technical side as England have all the facilities like stadia etc. for a great tournament. As a result of the programme, many of us won't have the chance to watch a World Cup in our own country. I wis
Disgusting decision to show it at this time. Present the evidence to FIFA, let them have some time to act on it, and then air the show after the vote. And, how dare they try to justify it - patronising and hypocritical!
Of course they were right! Just because this kind of corruption happens everyday doesn't mean we should all sign up to it. I don't want my kids growing up in a world where a supposedly transparent/fair bidding process is actually a complete sham, and completely unfair.
shouldve at least waited till after thursday!
If this had of been Russia, the jouranlists would have been killed, at least we've got the freedom of press aye?
BBC Right, timing questionable. UK should not bid for world cup based on the way Fifa conducts its business. The national football bodies as a whole should lobby Fifa to reform into an open transparraent and anwerable organisation. They are not fit to run the world cup and world football in their current guise.
The BBC were right to do this before the vote, but the timing is bad. The wounds will be fresh and it may cost us votes. Who likes to be called dishonest? But had they broadcast the programme a few weeks earlier it would have had less impact on the vote, and the BBC would have retained the perceived "we're doing the right thing", whiter-than-white
A risky decision, one that if was broadcast a week or so later could have blown it. However as there has been time to reflect and look into it...maybe we might just pull it off?
huh? the bbc has every right to publish this information whenever they want to...freedom of speech etc... fifa cant blackmail england into gagging the bbc...its called corruption??!! clearly theyre abunch of old timers with no interest in the game, just in the dollars it provides to their respective interests...and having watched the program does
Terrible timing. Couldn´t they have waited a week or so?
Better to do it before the vote so everyone knows the situation rather than after it when it would sound like sour grapes!
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It was an eye-opening documentary in the public's interest, so yes, they were right to show it. Was the timing correct? well, that's another question. One you have failed to ask in this stupid poll. Epic Fail.
This poll is hardly going to be unbias, u posted it on a world cup article on bbc sport, its abit obvious that the majority of football fans in the UK want the 2018 world cup in England. However, as a huge footy fan, whilst the timing was dodgey if there is corruption and illegal activities then it is not for FIFA to say that they should not be pub
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Only in the UK would a fundamental institution work against the plight of the country. Poor show BBC.
even though England may not be the beneficiary of the corruption that the BBC exposed, it needed to be done, and will hopefully start the process of cleaning up the football authorities that all fans have known to be corrupt
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Should have been broadcast after the vote. We need this as it will be a massive national boost and the BBC have potentially jeopordised it. Very irresponsible!!
The programme was legitimate, the timing was clearly wrong. Someone obviously took the view that the public interest in broadcasting these allegations on the 29th with the attendant consequences for the English bid outweighed the public interest in trying secure the World Cup for England. That is an extraordinary decision by any standards.
should have been broadcast the other side of the vote, or 6 months ago
what was wrong was the timing - designed to capture maximum publicity, not to have the best effect. It would have been betterto have been broadcast 3 months or more earlier, to give FIFA a chance to do something (or not)
Those who agree with the BBC on this ought to read the question. It doesn't say, should they have broadcast, is says should they have broadcast less than one week before the vote. No right minded person would argue they should have covered it up, but no right minded person would agree the timing. Why try and ruin our chances of hosting the cup?
I think the BBC got it very wrong
clearly bad decision from bbc, very poor judgement. must have known there would be a massive backlash..?!! it shouldnt have an effect on who wins the bid but if we don't win they are a clear scapegoat and will be targeted with the blame. Fuel to the fire of of a subscription service for the BBC too.
Bunch of crooks. I'd prefer to have a free press that exposes FIFA for the corrupt old farts they are than host the World Cup. FIFA have gotten fat off the gravy train for too long while providing zero leadership. Football is the only major sport to have no referreeing innovations in recent years, despite goal line, handball and offside decision
s being wrong in every game you watch. Refs are pilloried to the extent they go on strike, and get no support from the governing body. I'm proud to live in a country where the BBC and Guardian (leaks) expose corruption and hypocrisy. What isn't acceptable in your personal and professional life, shouldn't be tolerated in our leaders. This isn't
50 years ago, the new digital age means a new level of accountability. FIFA need to get with the program.
Damded straight they were right - don't give in to blackmail!
I accept the bbc have a legit right to say/do as they please with the program but its a bit like telling a fat bird she looks fat on her wedding day, you just don't do it.
may have cost the country billions in what would be simply the easiest event for the UK to hold as we have the infastructure already to not have to spend big but earn big instead. The head of the bbc should be sacked.
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How are so many people voting yes? Do they not understand the question? The timing was utterly shameful, Panorama trying to make a big publicity splash at the expense of something great happening in the UK. . .
BBC were right but would have prefered them to screen it a month ago rather than so close to the bid.
BBC Very unpatriotic
They should be applauded and rewarded for doing it, it was good journalism, that's what they are paid for.
fuck the bbc
Now that we've lost the bid, a lot of fingers will be pointing at our national institution the BBC!!! Totally agree with uncovering corruption, but what TWAT decided to broadcast a few days before the vote!! Especially accusing key delegates that England neede a vote from. Would you vote for a country, who's media has accused you of fraud????
yes bbc was right in exposing corruption which is getting to be inherent part of a lot of popular sports nowadays.It doesnot matter whether UK loses or wins the bid, lets save sports for the future generation
Didn't make a single bit of difference. The outcome would have been the same. I just hope more corruption claims come out in the next few days to prove how russia and qatar managed to get a world cup....
I think yes... and now that the bid failed there should be no stone left unturned in trying to show the world how corrupt and wrong this organisation is.
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While ever an organization gets funding whether they are good or rubbish they will have no comprehension of how much of a money spinner this could have been for a country that will probably still be coming out of a recession by the time it comes round. Oh yeah and almost forgot it would have been great to nip down the road to watch the best footbal
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Jennings is Scottish (so hes probably laughing at england). 'In the publics interest' why did the Beeb not show Jenning's documentary on corruption at Scotland Yard. eDouble standards and not allowing the public to discuss it (my removing comments from their forums - pathetic. The BBpC are straight out of the Orwell book 1984!!!
Most certainly. FIFA is corrupt.
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